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Just found out Garcia family dachshund, Dottie, is having surgery today. Her back legs are paralyzed. Pull through, Dottie. :(

That is all for now.

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Going through stuff in my old external hard drive I've found a real gem. Something I almost forgot about.

Star One - Space Metal.

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Update Update

Finished Spring Quarter! (Woo!)

Moved out of the old house with the hell spawn landlords. (Woo!)

Done with certain individuals who were nothing but trouble. (Woo!)

Moved into an incredible new apartment. (Was a pain getting all the furniture up the stairs but WOO!)

Been working at Gamestop again. (Employee discount!)

Playing through InFAMOUS. (Excellent game!)

Fianlly got internet in the apt!

Did I miss anything? Besides E3? And all of youse guys?
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Agh. I haven't been able to focus at all lately. I get pumped to do stuff(art & homework mostly) but then an hour or so goes by and it's gone and I end up avoiding the things I have to do or just sit in front of them for hours.

Maybe I'm intimidated? I don't know what it is, but I need to focus. I need to be confident. I want to stop feeling like a loser whenever I produce shitty or no work at all.

Why can't I make myself do this?
Tatami Galaxy - Highuchi

shitty webcam photo! GO!


Megaman Legends/64 is awesome!
Other stuff that happened? Finals finished. Girlfriend visited! It was fantastic and I miss her already. And I've been drawing up a storm! Crazy St. Patty Day festivities coming up soon! Oh my.
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